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Actualité de Jean-Yves PRODEL conseils.

World's smallest "Sweet like home" hotel room concept of 15m2 - 161 ft2 by Jean-Yves PRODEL

Why people think that handicap hotel room should be bigger than other rooms? It’s wrong and dysfunctional! It’s just a question of ergonomics that respects its sense of comfort and security but not in response to excessive standardization that has been frozen for over 50 years!

Is there anything better than a physically challenge person with international experience to design the optimal smallest Universal Design hotel room concept?

"The architecture of tomorrow must not think of accessibility as technical responses but as an architectural desire of experience with the place to be the same for everyone." Reda Amalou, Achitect,

I’m looking for a hotel company who would like to experience my concept with a 15m2 to 25m2 room in his hotel.

Esquisse© by Jean Yves PRODEL

Esquisse© by Jean Yves PRODEL